Jamie’s Italian is the biggest thing to come to Canberra since… well, I don’t know. And word on the street is that they are opening up their doors to the public tomorrow.

I should start with a big fat disclaimer – I work there. So I won’t talk about the food other than to say that a lot of thought has gone into sourcing great quality produce from ethical suppliers.

The fish is sustainably sourced, and the chicken and eggs are free range. Pasta is made in house every day. Nothing comes into the kitchens without its processes being documented and inspected. There is astounding attention to detail – the locally sourced salumi is made without sodium nitrates because research has shown that the combination of sodium nitrate, red meat and red wine can lead to bowel cancer. 

Here are some photos to help you decide whether you’d like to pop in – you know you want to.


fried gnocchi

Fried three cheese gnocchi – $9.50

meat plank

Meat plank for three – $40.50

fish plank

Fish plank for one – $12.50

prawn linguini

Prawn linguini – $28.00
tagliatelle bolognese

Tagliatelle bolognese – $19.50

vongole tagliolini

Vongole Tagliolini – $25.00

land and sea risotto

Land and sea risotto – $29.00

sirloin with truffle butter

Bone in prime strip loin with truffle butter – $36.50

panna cotta

Creamy panna cotta – $8.50

epic brownie

Epic brownie – $10.00

Jamie’s Italian
125 Bunda St
Canberra, ACT

Open 7 days a week, from noon – except Christmas and New Years Day
Book via this link, a phone number will be available soon

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