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clone trooper 2

What do you get for someone who owns a death star tea infuser? As it turns out, despite the first film being made in 1977, Star Wars is still a big deal around here. *ducks for cover*

Despite sitting through all six episodes (under sufferance, I might add), and for a total watch time of 13 hours and 17 minutes I failed to see the magic – though Hayden Christensen did provide some eye candy, though fairly sub-par, Neighbours style acting. But, let’s move on.

Inspired by Gretchen’s Dinosaur Serving Dish, I decided to make a Star Wars themed cookie plate.

It’s pretty simple – purchase one Star Wars themed toy and one $2 Kmart saucer. Glue together using hot glue gun. It’s probably wise to glue all the joints in place too. And it may be prudent to weigh Mr Clone Trooper down with some weights in his legs.

Unfortunately, I did not do either of those things, so he survived for only a minimal length of time standing up. The good news is that he’s just as fun a project sitting down – I should probably have just done that in the first place.

clone trooper chocolate


If you’re thinking of doing a similar project, I’d recommend looking for something that has better structure – it needs to be fairly stable, so less tall and more area in contact with the table it’s going to stand on. Heavier is also better, in this case, as it’ll be less likely to tip over.