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I really like it when things match. Which is a tiny bit strange seeing as I don’t like putting things away in their proper places, a habit that often goes hand in hand with liking to have matching things.

But, really, I like it when my cutlery matches, I like it when my plates match and I especially like it when all my spice jars match (with the bonus of being able to stack up).

My dollar store spice jars were starting to come to an end, which had nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that I dropped them a couple of times. Inspired by smitten kitchen’s post, and encouraged by the fact that liking matching things did not necessarily make me obsessive – I decided to start a spice rack project of my own.

I realised my little side project was taking on a life of it’s own when I went to bed asking my partner what font I should use. But, you don’t need to worry about these things as I’ve provided downloadable labels for you to use should you wish to recreate an impressive spice storage system.

Finding the right jar was the most time consuming seeing as Amazon do not ship to Australia. On a bit of a brainwave, I found the right jars at an online candle supply store – you can find them here and they only cost $10.80 a dozen (plus postage).

They’re oh-so-adorable and I love that the silicone seals make the bottles airtight. Also, the jar openings are wide enough so that you can stick a teaspoon in the jar, rather than trying to tip spices out. On the downside though, the jars don’t feel entirely secure when they’re stacked – they’re good enough for the purpose though. And, some of the seals can be loose (though the company were very good about sending me replacements). Just be sure to count your spices before you order as they charge a flat postage fee – I ordered 24 but found that I actually needed 36.

Not satisfied with your standard office supply cut and paste labels, I opted to design my own so that they’d have a vintage retro apothecary jar feel. Did you miss the part about me being obsessive about tiny details? They’re free for you to download at the link below.

Many minutes of cutting later, a bit of spray on adhesive and ta-dah!

Spice jar labels are available to download here.
Just print on textured card, cut and secure to your bottles with adhesive spray on or clear tape.

*template from justsomethingimade.com

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